Ron Thomson has had a remarkable career.  He began accompanying adult hunters, in pursuit of African plains game animals, when he was nine.  He shot his first ‘buck’ when he was

twelve.  He first hunted an elephant when he was fifteen.  And he began working as a big game hunting game ranger in the Rhodesian Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management when he was twenty.  He served in that capacity for twenty-four years (1959 - 1983) - rising to the rank of Provincial Game Warden-in-charge of the department’s biggest and most prestigious game reserve, Hwange National Park.
His big game hunting experience is vast and incomparable.  It encompasses all of Africa’s ‘Big Five’ game animals in numbers and circumstances that boggle the mind.  And his big game hunting memoir books are much sought after by wannabe big game hunters everywhere.
He is now writing for KINDLE - telling his fascinating African big game hunting stories to readers across the globe.  The tales appear in a number of volumes under the single title - A HUNTER’S TALES - A HUNTER’S TRAILS.  Each volume is a separate mini-book containing one to five different big game hunting adventures.  They are inexpensive and easy to read. 
These are all fair-chase and free-range big game hunting stories out of a colonial Africa that is now no more (1955 - 1980).  They are unique, therefore, because the circumstances surrounding them can never be repeated.

The author is, almost monthly, adding to these volumes which, one day soon, will comprise the greatest compendium of African big game hunting stories ever written. People who enjoy reading hunting stories from Africa's yesteryears can now read the best of them, at little cost, as and when every new volume comes out.

Available on Kindle only.

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