The review recorded below was written by Game Ranger Richard Sowry, Section Ranger, Kingfisherspruit, Kruger National Park.

So many people have commented favourably on the book MAHOHBOH that it would not be fair to single out any person as the one who wrote the best accolade. Most people who have read this book, however, agree that MAHOHBOH is THE most definitive work on elephant management and elephant hunting, and the link between the two, yet published. In a recent letter to the author Richard Sowry wrote:

�Your book �Mahohboh� is, in my opinion, one of the real classics when it comes to elephant hunting. When I entered the �wildlife game� this book was my primary guide with regard to shot placement on elephant. It also stood me in great stead when I qualified as a guide and, in my work, when I eventually moved on to become a Section Game Ranger in South Africa�s Kruger National Park.

�Shot placement for most animals can be most readily learnt from outlined indications on diagrams and photographs. With elephant the issue is different. When shooting an elephant you don�t just shoot at a point on the surface of an elephant�s body. You shoot at a target that is located deep inside that body. That means you have to know exactly where that target is located inside the body and you have to know how to angle your shot, no matter which way the elephant is facing, so that your bullet reaches the target you are aiming at. This is not easy. The great size of an elephant�s body makes it necessary for hunters to initially learn, by accurate description and demonstration, just where the vital targets - the brain, heart, lungs, hip-joints and spine - are located. THEN you have to learn from experience just how to get your bullets into those vital targets. AND you have to KNOW when each of these targets can and should be used in preference to any of the others. All this is a learning process and using your book Mahohboh as a teaching aid is, in my opinion, the best way to be guided through that process.

�For the learner guide, hunter and game ranger I recommend MAHOHBOH without hesitation.�

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