The period covered by this book starts where GOD CREATED MAN THE HUNTER ends (January 1961). It describes the author’s game ranging and big game hunting adventures in and around Hwange National Park over the following three years - up to the end of January 1964. This period represents the author’s ‘maturing years’ when he himself filled in all the gaps in his hunting experience that became manifest during many, many, lone big game hunting escapades that followed his perfunctory hunter-training. This book contains many superb free-range and fair-chase big game hunting stories concerning elephants, buffaloes, lions and leopards – some of which will have the hair in the back of the readers’ necks standing up straight. In every story you can tangibly feel the heat, smell the dung and experience the fear that runs through a hunter’s soul during every encounter that could have seen the author killed. Anybody reading this book will be left in no doubt that the author, at the ‘ripe-young-age’ of 24, had become a very highly experienced big game hunter.

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