The people whose passions and livelihoods depend on the utilisation of a living resource are the most concerned about its proper management.  If you want to learn more about farming cattle, ask a cattle rancher; if you want to learn more about managing trout or bass in a river or a dam, ask an avid angler; and if you want to learn more about peregrine falcons, ask a falconer.  I would also like to say, if you want to learn more about the world’s wild animals, ask a hunter - but that is not always true.  Regrettably, many hunters only have a superficial understanding about wildlife management.

This little booklet is designed to rectify this shortcoming.  In it, the principles and practices of wildlife management are written in easily understood layman’s language and every hunter, and every nature-lover, will benefit from reading it.  In this day and age, when there is such a plethora of anti-hunting sentiment being circulated in the media by the animal rights brigade, it behooves everyone to read this handbook.

Hunters should never attempt to dispute what the opposition has to say about how harmful hunting is to wildlife, unless they know ‘the facts’ in the counter argument!  This little booklet provides those facts.

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Managing our Wildlife Heritage